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Trouble Swallowing or Chewing? Try These 6 Dysphagia-Friendly Recipes.

Dysphagia affects the ability to eat and drink with ease. What are meals that are both easy to consume and enjoyable for individuals with the condition?

Parents’ Guide to Language Delays and Speech Disorders in Children

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Parents can monitor their child’s speech and language development to determine if they need early intervention from a speech language pathologist.

How to Prevent and Repair Vocal Damage

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Individuals whose careers or hobbies on their voices may be a risk for vocal injury. How can they prevent and heal from damage?

Cultural Considerations for Communication and Swallowing Disorders

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Culture and communication are tied too closely to separate. How can SLPs consider their client’s values during assessment and intervention?

How Can Churches and Other Organizations Be More Accessible to People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

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People who are deaf or hard of hearing may struggle to engage with their communities. How can places of worship better serve them?

How to Talk to Children About Aphasia and Other Health Issues

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It can be difficult to have conversations with children about declining health. This guide provides tips on how to talk about aphasia and other health issues.