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Vaccines for Children and Adolescents: Lessons and Activities

Vaccines are essential for community and global health. How can adults explain them to children in age-appropriate ways?

Using Technology to Improve Healthcare Access in Rural Communities

The use of telehealth amid COVID-19 has benefited underserved rural communities, creating potential for long-term use. 


How School Lunch Programs Support Children’s Health, Even From A Distance

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Schools, parents, students, and community members can work together to implement effective school lunch programs whether students are on campus or taking classes remotely.

Five Things to Know When Filling Out Medical Forms

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Filling out medical forms and communicating with a doctor can be difficult. Use this resource to prepare everything you need to know for your next appointment.

Interpreting a Nutrition Label

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Learn how to read a nutrition label and practice interpreting them with this resource from MPH@Baylor.

How to Teach Teenagers Health Literacy in the Age of Online Influencers

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Teenagers have almost unlimited access to health content online. Building media literacy and health literacy skills can help them discern what information is credible.