Clinical Placements

As part of the online CSD graduate program, you will complete extensive clinical experiences, including field work and simulations. In doing so, you will prepare to serve diverse communities facing communication difficulties across the lifespan.

These hands-on experiences are integral to your growth as a clinician and meeting certification and program requirements. They will help you connect the classroom to the clinic as you develop a strong understanding of the values and skills needed to be a speech-language pathologist.

Term 1
CSD 5150 Introduction to Practicum (1)
Pre-Clinic Preparation
Term 2
CSD 5151 Practicum 1 (1)
Pediatrics and Diagnostic Simulations
Term 3
CSD 5152 Practicum 2 (1)
Pediatrics and Hearing Simulations
Term 4
CSD 5153 Practicum 3 (1)
Pediatrics or Adults and Low-Incidence Simulations
Term 5
CSD 5549 Internship (5)
Adults; Pediatrics if approved

Required Direct Clinical Hours

Both full- and part-time students must complete a minimum of 400 clinical clock hours across three practica and one internship, for a total of nine credit hours. You will be enrolled in an Introduction to Practicum course that will prepare you for the clinical experiences in the program. The following three practica are worth one credit and require a commitment of 20-24 hours per week. The internship is five credits in total and requires a commitment of 35-40 hours per week.

Placement Support 

A specialist from our dedicated field placement team will work with you to find high-quality practica placements and a medical internship in your community. Placement specialists do their best to place students as close to their homes as possible; however, placement sites can be located up to 100 miles away. This may entail substantial drive times. Once a placement is secured, it cannot be denied.  

You may work at your place of employment for one trimester only, but you cannot complete placement hours at your current place of employment for pay. You cannot work with clients with whom you currently or may potentially have other relationships. You must disclose that you are working at a place of employment and will not be paid when completing your placement paperwork. Should you have the opportunity to accrue internship hours with a supervisor and population completely separate from your professional role — for example, in a different department that is in the same building or network — a practicum placement or internship at your place of employment may be considered.

What to Expect 

During your three practica and internship, you will participate in a variety of settings with clients of all ages. Experiences may include simulations, teletherapy, individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, home visits, and providing diagnostic assessments. You will also be required to submit documentation such as treatment plans, lesson plans, progress notes, and evaluation reports. For these experiences, childhood immunizations and the influenza (Flu) vaccine will be required. 

During the clinical placement experience, your clinical supervisor will offer constructive and ongoing feedback while you complete your field hours. You will graduate as a competent, evidence-based practitioner. You will be well-prepared to pursue licensure and certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. You will graduate as a general practitioner and have the ability to pursue employment in any setting within the field of speech-language pathology.

All clinical experiences, including simulations, occur during typical working hours (8:00am – 5:00pm CST) and you are expected to have a flexible schedule to meet these high demands. 

Questions on clinical placement?

Request information and an admissions counselor will reach out to answer any questions you may have.