Upcoming Events

Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences hosts a number of informative events for those interested in our Speech@Baylor online program. These events are held on the same platform used in the programs, giving you a sense of the online student experience.

Webinars may cover the following topics:

  • important program and curriculum information
  • application requirements and next steps
  • faculty research and expertise
  • Q&A with the admissions team, faculty members, or current students

You can also take a private tour of the technology used in the program. Contact the admissions team at csdadmissions@onlinegrad.baylor.edu or Phone Number: 844-388-2866 to schedule your tour.

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Upcoming Sessions
Event Date Time
Speech@Baylor Student Support Roundtable Thursday, November 5, 2020 6 PM CT, 7 PM ET, 4 PM PT
Baylor University Online Graduate Programs Financial Aid Webinar Thursday, November 12, 2020 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET