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How Pets Influence Public Health

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Pets keep our minds sharp, our bodies moving, our hearts full. But when pet health suffers, human health does too. Properly caring for pets can ensure long, healthy lives for everyone in a shared environment.

Building Support for Pregnant Women in Rural and Urban Communities

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Women in rural and urban communities alike face challenges to accessing maternity care. How can communities become a safer place for giving birth?

How to Teach Civics in Action to K–12 Students

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Learn how K-12 educators can help guide students to be active members of democracy far beyond election season.

In Praise of Play: Activities for Children and Families in Rural Communities

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Children in rural America struggle to find time and space to play. How can rural families add more play into their children’s lives without needing a playground?

How Communities Can Prepare for the Growing Aging Population

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WHO describes active aging as the process of benefitting from opportunities for health, participation, and security. But getting older adults to move to a different community, even if it is more age-inclusive, isn’t always an easy proposition.

How to Talk About Human Trafficking with Children and Adolescents

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Talking about human trafficking with children is tricky, but weaving the subject into conversations about topics such as allowance and personal space can facilitate the discussion.