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Mastering Your Engagement: For Military and First Responder Couples

When a young couple, one year out from their wedding day, comes into a premarital counseling session with Dr. Preston Dyer and one of them says they like everything they’ve ever found out about their partner, he knows they have some work to do. “What really gets them is when some big issue comes up and they’re not expecting it or prepared to deal with it,” said Dyer, a licensed clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist who has been counseling couples for 50 years. “Couples need to talk about the realistic aspects of watching your husband or wife walk out […]

How Pets Influence Public Health

Pets keep our minds sharp, our bodies moving, our hearts full. But when pet health suffers, human health does too. Properly caring for pets can ensure long, healthy lives for everyone in a shared environment.

Building Support for Pregnant Women in Rural and Urban Communities

“Just the other day, we got a call,” said Rebecca Bork, a labor and delivery nurse in Greenville, a small South Carolina city of about 68,000.1 A pregnant woman who was in labor was on her way, coming in from the outskirts. Her husband was driving; she was experiencing contractions. Bork and her team grabbed the “precip bag” and raced to meet the family in the parking lot. The bag — so named for the term precipitous delivery, or childbirth after an especially fast labor — has everything needed for a quick delivery: scissors, core clamps, towels, and a bulb suction. […]