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How to Identify Effective STEM Activities for Children

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An effective stem lesson for young students needs to be more than a game. Learn how to determine whether an activity is worth it.

Mobility Loss Puts Older Adults at Risk: Research Shows Exercise Can Help

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Physical activity is critical for older adults to maintain mobility and to age healthily.

Grief Interventions for Children with ADHD

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For children who have pre-existing diagnoses of ADHD or ADD, the manifestations of grief can exacerbate ongoing struggles with focusing and reducing stress.

The Link Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Later-Life Health

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Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can have lifelong effects on an individual’s health, into adulthood. Understanding ACEs can improve care for those at risk.

Cultural Considerations for Communication and Swallowing Disorders

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Culture and communication are tied too closely to separate. How can SLPs consider their client’s values during assessment and intervention?

How Can Churches and Other Organizations Be More Accessible to People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

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People who are deaf or hard of hearing may struggle to engage with their communities. How can places of worship better serve them?