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Disparities in Women Veterans’ Healthcare

Women veterans have unique healthcare needs, including mental health, maternity care, and more, but VA services are failing to meet those needs.

6 Ways Educators Can Overcome Language Barriers with Parents

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Improving communication between teachers and parents who speak different languages requires thinking outside of the box. 

Parents’ Guide to Language Delays and Speech Disorders in Children

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Parents can monitor their child’s speech and language development to determine if they need early intervention from a speech language pathologist.

How to Prevent and Repair Vocal Damage

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Individuals whose careers or hobbies on their voices may be a risk for vocal injury. How can they prevent and heal from damage?

How School Lunch Programs Support Children’s Health, Even From A Distance

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Schools, parents, students, and community members can work together to implement effective school lunch programs whether students are on campus or taking classes remotely.

Five Things to Know When Filling Out Medical Forms

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Filling out medical forms and communicating with a doctor can be difficult. Use this resource to prepare everything you need to know for your next appointment.