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How to Provide a Multicultural Education

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Multicultural education involves appreciating the uniqueness of every single student and what they can bring to the classroom.

How to Address Child Hunger and Food Insecurity in Your Community

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Food insecurity has increased since the pandemic started. Learn how to fight hunger at the community level.

Trouble Swallowing or Chewing? Try These 6 Dysphagia-Friendly Recipes.

Dysphagia affects the ability to eat and drink with ease. What are meals that are both easy to consume and enjoyable for individuals with the condition?

How to Identify and Address Apathy Caused by Dementia

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Apathy is an overlooked symptom of dementia. Helping adults re-engage requires meeting them where they are. 

Vaccines for Children and Adolescents: Lessons and Activities

Vaccines are essential for community and global health. How can adults explain them to children in age-appropriate ways?

Using Technology to Improve Healthcare Access in Rural Communities

The use of telehealth amid COVID-19 has benefited underserved rural communities, creating potential for long-term use.