Class Registration

Please connect with your Student Success Advisor to determine which courses you will register for during the upcoming registration period.

Once you have decided which courses you will take, please follow the directions below to register:

  • Login to BearWeb and select Student Academic Services. Go to Registration and select Registration Status. Please note, all students in the program will register at the same time, and you will all be assigned to the same day.
  • Check to see if you have any holds. Any holds can be found on your BearWeb account. For your first registration period, you may have a hold related to your official degree-bearing transcript or final field evaluation. Talk to your admissions counselor if you have any questions about these holds as they will need to be resolved before you can register. In future registrations, you may have financial or transcript holds on your BearWeb account that could prevent you from registering or making changes to your schedule.
  • See if your desired classes are open. There are two ways to identify when courses will be offered and if they are open for registration. You can check on your BearWeb account by selecting “Look Up Classes,” or you can access the Schedule of Classes on the Baylor website.

To access a step-by-step guide on registration, please view this PDF of BearWeb Student Registration Instructions.