Baylor’s EdD Online in Learning and Organizational Change

Baylor University and the School of Education are committed to education that is transformational — education that shifts the way you experience the world, enabling you to improve society at the micro and macro levels.

The EdD Online in Learning and Organizational Change prepares you to

  • address cross-functional challenges;
  • influence systemic growth opportunities;
  • develop service-oriented skills;
  • lead lasting change and improve organizational cultures.

You have the option to complete the program in 36 months. No GRE scores are required to apply.

A Cross-Functional Doctoral Degree for Developmental Leaders

No matter the organization, meaningful change is created from the inside out by determined leaders like you who possess the skills to enhance the integrity, identity, and function of any systemic infrastructure.

After graduation, you’ll possess a skill set that can be adapted to a variety of organizational leadership situations and environments. You’ll be prepared to create transformative change in school systems, corporations, private and nonprofit firms, government organizations, and community programs.

“Baylor has a long-standing tradition of empowering students with industry-relevant skills. That respected reputation combined with a faculty obsessed with helping their students succeed, so they in turn can improve the lives of others, is why I chose Baylor over any other institution.”

— Christopher Lund
2019 Cohort

“After completing my first semester, I’m confident that this online program … is going to provide the rigor and support I’ve been searching for in a doctorate program to take my professional development to the next level.”

— Becki Hale
Inaugural Cohort of 2018

Learn to Spearhead Organizational Change Online

Through a blend of collaborative online tools, real-world experience, and personalized support, Baylor offers an engaged academic community of online learners that fosters true depth of connection and personal flexibility.

Equipped with a multitude of skills that can be applied across various professional settings, you’ll be prepared to apply what you learn in the classroom to your current role in real time. Two immersions and a capstone experience give you opportunities to engage in research applicable to your interests while collaborating with peers and faculty.