Earn Your Online Doctor of Education (EdD) in Learning and Organizational Change

Delivered by the Baylor University School of Education’s Department of Curriculum & Instruction, the online EdD in Learning and Organizational Change prepares students to apply essential principles of teaching and learning to manage the dynamics of organizational change. The online EdD program is designed for experienced educators and other professionals in learning and development roles interested in leading and managing positive change in school systems, corporations, governmental or non-governmental agencies, and community programs.

Curriculum and Requirements

The online EdD program emphasizes the development of a broad understanding of the educational process as well as building a skill set that can be adapted to a variety of educational leadership situations. Courses take a practitioner-oriented approach to shaping transformative leaders with expertise in the fields of organizational change, teaching and learning, and research methods.

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Learning Objectives

Through this practitioner-focused curriculum, students in the online EdD program will develop a multitude of skills that can be applied across professional settings. Upon completion, students will be prepared to demonstrate leadership in areas such as:

  • Instruction
  • Dynamics of organizational change
  • Contextual learning and design
  • Program assessment and evaluation
  • Professional development
  • Research design evaluation, assessment, and measurement

Program Requirements

The EdD online in Learning and Organizational Change is a 54-credit program that can be completed in 36 months or on a flexible schedule based on student needs. The curriculum consists of:

  • Learning Foundations courses (9 credits)
  • Organizational change courses (24 credits)
  • Research methods courses (9 credits)
  • Problem of Practice Dissertation and Capstone (12 credits)

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Why Earn an EdD Degree Online in Learning and Organizational Change?

Organizations evolve at the hands of motivated leaders who possess the skills to impart systemic change, whether those systems are present in government or private corporations, nonprofit organizations, or schools and universities. Through the online EdD degree in Learning and Organizational Change, students learn to examine educational practices in all settings by taking both a micro and macro view of learning. Graduates emerge prepared to address cross-functional challenges, influence systemic growth opportunities, and foster effective learning environments based on data-driven processes.

Online EdD graduates often pursue careers in leadership roles such as:

  • Education-focused entrepreneurs
  • Coordinators of learning and development
  • Educational consultants
  • Adult learning facilitators
  • Curriculum developers
  • Directors of human resources
  • C-suite roles

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Program Delivery

One of the core strengths of the Baylor University School of Education is its diverse, tight-knit community. The online EdD program from Baylor is designed to uphold the same high level of collaboration and engagement available to on-campus students.

Weekly Live Online Classes

Students will attend live online classes weekly led by award-winning faculty who engage in group discussions and guided learning. Classes that utilize webcams allow students to interact face-to-face regardless of their location.

On-Campus Immersions

Immersions bring students together with peers and professors at Baylor University’s Waco, Texas, campus. The immersion experience, held twice during the program, allows participants to apply new skills and creatively solve problems collaboratively.

Problem of Practice (PoP) Dissertation

The PoP dissertation provides students with the opportunity to engage in research applicable to their own professional experiences, preparing them to create measurable organizational change in those professional settings.

Award-Winning Program

The online EdD degree in Learning and Organizational Change was awarded the 2022 Program of the Year by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), a leading doctoral education organization. CPED is a consortium of over 100 colleges and schools of education committed to critically examining doctoral education programs.

The program earned the award through its innovation, diversity of faculty and students, and its appeal to “students across a breadth of industries beyond the traditional field of education.”